Legal Requirements to Get Married in Ireland: Everything You Need to Know

Legal Requirements to Married in Ireland

Have questions about getting married in Ireland? Below are answers to some of the most common legal questions about marriage in Ireland!

Question Answer
1. What are the legal age requirements to get married in Ireland? In Ireland, the legal age to get married is 18. However, if you are 16 or 17, you may be able to get married with the consent of both parents and the approval of the Circuit Family Court. It`s important to note that any marriage involving a person under 18 without the necessary consent and approval is void.
2. Do we need to give notice of our intention to marry? Yes, both parties must give a minimum of three months` notice to the Registrar of Civil Marriages. This notice must be given in person, by appointment, to any Registrar of Civil Marriages or Registrar of Marriages in the district in which you intend to marry.
3. Are residency for getting married in Ireland? There are no residency requirements for getting married in Ireland, which means that you can get married in Ireland regardless of whether you are a resident or a non-resident.
4. Can we get married in a church in Ireland? If you wish to have a religious ceremony, you must give notice to the Registrar of Civil Marriages as well as the priest, minister or other religious solemniser who will be marrying you. They will then solemnise the marriage and register it with the civil authorities.
5. Are prohibited for marriage in Ireland? Yes, are prohibited that not allowed to marry in Ireland, as and grandchild, and more. It`s important to check with the Registrar of Civil Marriages if you are unsure whether your relationship is prohibited.
6. Do need for our marriage? Yes, you will need two witnesses to be present at your marriage ceremony. Witnesses must be over age of 18 and of the marriage ceremony.
7. Can we get married in a civil ceremony? Yes, can to have a in Registry Office, venue, or place by the and Registrar of Civil Marriages. Just make sure to give the required notice to the Registrar of Civil Marriages.
8. What documents do we need to bring for our marriage in Ireland? You will need to bring certain documents, including a Birth Certificate, a Passport, a PPS Number, and a Marriage Registration Form (MRF). Documents may be depending on individual so best to check with Registrar of Civil Marriages.
9. How do we obtain a Marriage Registration Form (MRF)? Once you give notice of your intention to marry, the Registrar of Civil Marriages will issue you with a Marriage Registration Form (MRF) after the three months` notice period has expired. Form is for the of your marriage.
10. What if we have been previously married? Are there any special requirements? If party has been previously married, will need to provide additional such as Divorce Decree Absolute or Death Certificate of former Each is so it`s to seek from Registrar of Civil Marriages to ensure have all necessary documentation.

Legal Requirements to Get Married in Ireland

Marriage is beautiful important in life, and married in Ireland comes with own of legal Whether a of Ireland or a wedding, crucial to the involved. In this post, explore legal to married in Ireland and provide with all necessary to make your day a reality.

Residency Requirement

One of legal for married in Ireland is Residency Requirement. At least one of the parties getting married must be a resident of Ireland for a minimum of three months before the wedding date. This can be in circumstances, as if of parties is of Ireland or if couple is of nationality.

Notification Requirement

Another legal is Notification Requirement. Parties must give minimum of notice to of their to marry. Gives sufficient to the necessary and that legal are met.

Legal Age and Consent

In Ireland, age for marriage is 18 old. If is under 18, may still be to marry with of or and with of court. Important to that marriages are in and must be given and without influence.


When getting married in Ireland, there are several documents that you`ll need to provide, including:

Document Requirement
Birth certificate Valid form of identification
Passport Proof of residency or citizenship
Marriage notification form Signed and submitted to the registrar

Case Study: Destination Wedding in Ireland

Emily and James, a couple from the United States, decided to have a destination wedding in Ireland. Were of legal and found themselves to the process. Consulting with local planner, were to all legal and have a wedding in the countryside of Ireland.

Getting married in Ireland is experience, but to be of legal involved. By the requirement, notification process, age and regulations, and needed, can that wedding is legally and with and love.

Legal Requirements for Marriage in Ireland

Marriage in Ireland is by legal that be in for the to be recognized. The outlines obligations of seeking to married in Ireland.


Article 1: Legal Capacity Parties into marriage have legal to as by Family Law Act 1995. Includes being legal not being married, not being related by or marriage.
Article 2: Notification Requirement Individuals seeking to get married in Ireland must give three months` notice to a Registrar, as required by the Civil Registration Act 2004. Notice must be in at civil service and must certain information.
Article 3: Marital Documents Both must provide documents, as birth passports, and of as in Civil Registration Act 2004, in to a marriage license.
Article 4: Solemnization The marriage must by a solemnizer, in with Civil Registration Act 2004 and Marriage Act 2015. Must ensure that marriage is in of at least witnesses.
Article 5: Registration Following marriage, marriage must with Registrar within month, as by Civil Registration Act 2004. Registrar then issue marriage to the married couple.